When the emotions become too intense, too much to bare, you can’t burry them any deeper. Pushing prodding and clawing its way out to reach surface. Something comes over you. The huffing and puffing and exhaustion ensue. Wells forming in the corners of your eyes, vision blurring. Struggling to catch a breath, with each inhale, a shaking ecstasy.

Why have these emotions risen? An unexpected release. Crippling fear, stricken in form. Bones quiver as the moments’ replayed. Saddened by the feelings you can’t help to feel. Living everyday, hibernating, as if to go away and return when more suitable. All the while, they’re there, haunting like an unspoken shadow. Words can’t describe the pain. Although, no release when expressed. Expecting nothing. But yearning for more. Wanting it all.

Surrendering or sufficing? Or is this what you’ve wanted after all? Is this your fairy tale ending, or just a bump in the road..


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